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Thursday, July 20, 2006

San Francisco Cable Car.

This model comes from Alan Rose's "World on the Move" series. It's around 18 inches long. It was an easy, fast build -- the cover of the book says "So simple, an adult can do it!" which is apparently code for "This takes about 12 hours." (Other Alan Rose titles say "Hours of fun for the ambitious modeler!" which translates to about 40 hours.) I must have doubled the build time, because I trimmed all the edges with gouache in matching colors and added acetate windows.

Rose has a sense of humor that shines through the instructions, but it is most obvious in the littter he includes for you to strew throughout the model.

By the door on the right, there's an umbrella.

Here's a paper grocery bag and a copy of the newspaper.

Another newspaper...

And a bananna peel.


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